The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre

Veronika has had a varied career working with charities and local authorities – with the main theme being connecting people with nature. She has had a strong connection herself with nature since childhood and felt the benefits first hand. After experiencing burnout and severe depression, she turned to nature again to reconnect with herself and with other people. This led to the creation of In Our Nature CIC and programmes to improve wellbeing through combining nature and creativity. Although some of this work is carried out in natural environments, research has shown that wellbeing can be improved by viewing pictures of nature, seeing nature through your window and listening to the sounds of nature and Veronika is keen to explore ways that everyone can benefit from this.
Veronika has lived most of her life in south Wales. She is fortunate to live near a woodland and river and can see these from her study window everyday, as well as walking her two dogs there every morning. She loves to spend time in the garden and has created a haven for local wildlife (as well as herself).