The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre

Do you like to socialize and take part in communal activities? We are a group of men who like photography and video. We like to learn and teach; we like to share and help.

Based in The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre, in Blaenavon, we would like to invite you to take part in this project. In our space we share our passion for photography and video. We have lots of practical activities, we learn and we teach. It is open to all kind of levels, absolute beginners, hobbyist and professionals (and they are a very important part of our group, as they are the tutors and guides).

But we do not only like to learn and practice, we also love to collaborate with our community.

  • We offer free photography sessions (and the printed copies) for families and individuals with low income (Did you always want to have a professional photo of your family but are unable afford a professional photographer? this is your chance).
  • Personal small start-ups/ businesses can also take advantage of our club and get the photos you need to start promoting your products (or learn how to take the photos yourself)

We meet every two weeks on Thursdays of each month) from 16.00 to 18.30hs.

You must…

  • Like photography
  • Like to learn and share
  • Like to share a great time
  • Like to help and collaborate with the community

No special camera needed, you can take great photos with your phone, a point & shoot camera, a bridge camera or even with a professional one. And we have some you can use on the professional shoots or in the practices.
The sessions/meetings are free, come and join us.

The Commonsensical Camera Club is focused on helping members develop their photographic skills.

Directed by Martin Sotelano, who has been teaching professional photographers, hobbyists and amateurs alike for over two decades.

Each meeting will be led by a fellow photographer with experience in the subject.

We will employ a variety of learning and teaching methods which may alter and adapt according to the perceived needs of the participants.

The meetings are at The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre, as they have all the necessary equipment for practices and testing.

Photography at The Commonsensical Camera Club

Are you interested in new techniques? Improving your photography skills? Building your own photographic gear and accessories?
We are running photographic meetings with the aim to help everyone to expand their photographic adventure.
Every meeting a different subject with the aim to learn something new: Lighting techniques, in camera tricks, exposures techniques, mobile

photography, mobile apps for photography, DIY projects and more.

These are the kind of subjects we will see in our meetings:

• Light meters

How to use this very important and handy photography tool – Types of light meters: For continuous lighting and for flashes – Can I replace a light meter with an app on my phone? – The key of the Light Meter in Low and High Key photography – Incident light and reflected light measurement differences.

• Camera shooting modes:

Auto, Manual, Aperture Priority, Speed Priority? Which one is better?
Differences between these modes and when its best to use them

• DIY Projects: Dome for small objects

Build your own dome from every day and cheap elements. Perfect to

 take pictures of small objects such as jewellery, coins, flowers, gems, and many others items.
Do you want to sell a small object on E-bay? This dome will make your object look amazing.
Compatible with Compact Cameras and Mobile Phones.

• Light Painting

Basic techniques. Combinations of light painting and flashes.
Create your own tools for light painting. Light painting techniques to illuminate big areas.

• Close-up and Macro photography.

General Macro Photography and Product shoots. Lighting techniques. Gears and DIY options.

• DIY Projects: Build your own portable lighting set with a torch and pipes.

We will build a Diffuser, a Beauty Dish, a Light Bar, a Snoot and a Light Blaster (Projector) using a torch as a light source, pipes and adaptors.

• Collapsible diffusers:

How to use them – Techniques – How to build your own.

• Portrait Photography: Using 1 Flashgun off camera

The use of flash indoors and outdoors for portrait photography – Bouncing flash techniques and effects. – In camera and out of camera flash techniques – Using external flashes even if your camera does not have a connector (Hot shoe or connector)

• Mobile Phones and how can they help us to improve our photography.

From apps, the use of the phone as a source of light and more.

• Pinhole photography

Use your own DSLR as pinhole camera.

And more…. much more

The Photography Clinic Time

New on photography? /New camera? / Perhaps new flash or accessory?
Our meetings are the perfect for people who are new to photography and want to know more before starting.
The aims of these meetings are to help everybody to understand their own gear and take the most of it. So, bring your one and we will help you to learn how to use it.
NO MATTER THE KIND OF CAMERA YOU HAVE. If you want to take advantage of the camera in your mobile phone you are welcome. If you have a compact camera, an entry level DSLR or a professional one, you are welcome. New flash? Please bring it and we will teach you how to use it. And if we do not know, we will find out together.
YOU DO NOT HAVE A CAMERA YET? Do not worry. Come and we will help you to choose the right camera for your needs, the kind of photography you want to take, and your budget.

Check our incoming photography workshop & Join the club:



Aug 17, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019 10:00am

Collection of photographies from Risca Area by Martin Sotelano

The Commonsensical Camera Club (Blaenavon Men’s Shed)

The Commonsensical Camera Club (Blaenavon Men’s Shed)

Sep 5, 2019 - Sep 5, 2019 4:00pm

Do you like to socialize and take part in communal activities? We are a group of men who like photography and video. We like to learn and teach; we like...

Backlights and Blasters

Backlights and Blasters

Oct 5, 2019 1:00pm - 4:00pm

The Light Blaster is a strobe-based image projector. It brings you unlimited possibilities for creative freedom, letting you select and project still images...