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Speed-lights (or flashguns) are the first choice as portable external source of light.

And it can be a lot more useful if we learn how to use properly. Not only mounted on the camera but off camera too. Not to mention the possibilities if can have more than one and make them work together.

In the right hand, they can work as well as studio flashes with less cost and more portability.

  • Camera and flash settings for off camera flash.
  • How and why to get the flash off camera.
  • Positioning of off camera flash to your subject.
  • Getting hard and soft light.
  • Off camera flash lighting modifiers. Learn how use them and how to make your ones.
  • How to blend flash with natural light.
  • TTL or manual flash? Understand the difference.
  • Lighting set ups with one or two Speed-lights.
  • Working with reflectors.
  • Colour gels and creative lighting techniques
  • Using Speed-lights in “Studio” situations.

Equipment required:

Any camera that you know how to use will work with hot shoe or flash connector interface. Your own Speed-light will be recommendable but we can supply one if necessary (let us know in advance)


3 Hours


1 to 1 tutoring: £ 150.- (plus £ 50 if you want to bring a guest with you)

Groups up to 4 participants: £ 60.- each. (Early Bookings: £ 55.-) – A minimum of 3 participants will be required to confirm the workshop.

Free Car Park available


Beginners/Intermediate: Note: no technical knowledge of photography is required but it is advisable to know how to use your own camera so we can focus on the subject of the course itself.

Check our incoming photography workshop & Join the club:



Aug 17, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019 10:00am

Collection of photographies from Risca Area by Martin Sotelano

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