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Lightroom© (how to speed up your workflow, a workshop for beginners)

  • Understanding what Lightroom© is for.
  • Can I replace Photoshop© (or any other photo editor) with Lightroom©?
  • Speeding my workflow by using the “bulk” options (Library and Develop modules)
  • Finishing and exporting the images, adding your watermarks or logos, setting up output resolution, sizes and formats.

Lightroom© became the standard for photography workflow. During this workshop we are going to learn about how to take the advantages of managing our photos on Lightroom©.

Starting with importing the photos, sorting the images and deleting them, applying metadata (copyright information, keywords and more). Everything in one go. Also applying basic adjustments/corrections to your raw images when importing them.

Working with the Developers module, understanding it capabilities and limitations. Adjusting several images at the same time. Exporting images to Photoshop© or others photo editors. Setting up plug-ins and working with them.

And finally exporting the images.

We will also learn some tips about how to setup Lightroom© in order to speed up the app.

We are going to work with a maximum of 4 participants so we all have plenty of opportunities to analyse and find the right solution to your own needs.


6 Hours


Your own laptop/notebook with any version of Light-room© already installed

1 to 1 tutoring: £ 160.- (plus £ 50 if you want to bring a guest with you)

Groups up to 6 participants: £ 60.- each. (Early Bookings: £ 50.-) – A minimum of 3 participants will be required to confirm the workshop.

Free Car Park available



Note: no technical knowledge required but it is advisable to know how to use your computer/laptop so we can focus on the subject of the course itself.

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