The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre

Karen Woodley


(MA Movement Psychotherapy NCS (Accred.) – Therapist and Clinical Supervisor)

Hello I am Karen a Counsellor and Dance Movement Psychotherapist. I am delighted to offer Counselling, Movement Psychotherapy and Supervision here at the Old Post Office.

Counselling in the areas of Relationship Problems (with self and others) and also in helping people with a diagnosis or not of Autism, body stress and childhood traumas. Counselling can help you through exploring past and present difficulties as well as help you in moving forward in the direction you wish to go.

Couples Counselling can be extremely beneficial for you if you are at a point of overwhelm where stressful and harmful emotions can be ruining your relationship. Focusing on what is causing the pain in your couple can help you to understand, to stop the war and to re-build again.

Movement Psychotherapy is a relational process where the therapist and the client come together in a creative way using body movement and dance. The philosophy behind this form of creative psychotherapy is based on the belief in the inter-relationship of psyche-soma and spirit.

Person centred Integrative Supervision is available for therapists, health professionals and social workers. We look at:

  •  what is happening in the therapy space between counsellor and client
  •  what is happening in the here and now between us (supervisor and supervisee)
  • and also explore how to work through the aspects of the environment you are working in.

I look forward to hearing from you