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This one day course covers the basics of digital photography dealing with the technical aspects of shooting with a DSLR/mirror-less/bridge camera using manual and semi automatic modes as well as post production and basic file optimisation.
This photography day offers a more personalised experience and enables students to learn in a pressure free environment, at their own pace and skill level.

  • Familiarise yourself with the functions of your cameras and the working of shutter speed, aperture and ISO
  • Learn how to adjust the camera shutter speed whilst still having a correct exposure
  • Take your own images using fast and slow shutter speeds and compare them to one another
  • Learn how to adjust the aperture of the camera and understand its function
  • Begin to use the camera in full manual function mode
  • Composition and rules and how to use these when photographing a scene
  • Transferring and organizing the images on your computer.
  • Using free but very powerful image management software to fix your images. (for Microsoft Windows®)


Digital Camera: DSLR/mirror-less/bridge or even Point and Shoot (with manual shooting option)
Notebook/Laptop. It is recommended running Windows (any version above 7) in order to work with the free software we will provide).

Duration: 5 Hours


1 to 1 tutoring: £ 220.- (plus £ 30 if you want to bring a guest with you)

Groups up to 6 participants: £ 60.- each. (Early Bookings: £ 55.-) – A minimum of 4 participants will be required to confirm the workshop.

Free Car Park available


Beginners / no technical knowledge of photography required

Check our incoming photography workshop & Join the club:



Aug 17, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019 10:00am

Collection of photographies from Risca Area by Martin Sotelano

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