Courses & Workshops booking Conditions


The PO Art Centre accepts workshop bookings on a first come, first-serve basis.

Full payment must be received to guarantee your space reservation.

It is your sole responsibility to read the syllabus to book the appropriate level.

If in doubt about your level, you must call us to be assessed and advised accordingly.

Bookings can only be rescheduled with 14 days (2 Weeks) notice and must be taken within three months of the original booking.

We reserve the right to deny any applicant.

Photography Workshops only:

To honour our commitment to our clients, we don’t have a minimum number of students to run a workshop and will run every workshop even with only one student booked. In this case, the workshop automatically becomes a One to One class with half the hours of the original workshop. As a One to One class, all content can be delivered in less time as the trainer’s attention is individual.

Liability, Refunds, Cancellations


In the event a workshop is cancelled, for any reason, the extent of our liability is limited to the return of fees paid to us.

All workshop participants accept full responsibility for personal injury and personal losses during the period of the course or workshop. Applications and payments are an acknowledgement of the terms and conditions as outlined on this site.


All participants will be refunded IN FULL if The PO Art Centre cancels a workshop.

If you decide to withdraw from a Weekend, Evening or Daily Workshops, you must inform us at least 21 Days (3 Weeks) before the first day of class; We will refund your fees, less a 50% withdrawal fee.

No refund of fees will be made if you book your Workshop or Course within the 21 Days or 6 Weeks minimum notice period and you decide to withdraw.

No refund of fees will be made for workshops or courses that have been rescheduled.

No refund of fees will be made for workshops or courses that have exceeded 3 months from their original confirmation date.

No refund of fees will be made for no-shows, for withdrawal after the Course or Workshop starts or for booking onto the wrong level.

No refund of fees will be made after completion of any Course or Workshop.

No refund of fees will be made for discounted workshops.

No refund of fee will be made for bookings that are made before you have a valid UK Visa. (Please make sure you are allowed in the UK first.)

Gift Vouchers are not refundable and must be used within 12 months of their issue date.

Gift Vouchers can also be extended with 14 days (2 Weeks) notice from the expiry date.

Deposits are not refundable.

Our obligations to the professionals who teach at the Centre dictate that no refund of payments will be made to you if you do not notify us of your withdrawal before the start of the Course or Workshop. You must give 21 (3 Weeks) notice for the Weekend, Evening or Daily Workshops.

If you cannot attend the course but want to send a colleague in your place you can do this free of charge by notifying us at any point prior to the day of the course.

The course outlines displayed on The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre ‘s website are intended as a guide only> The trainers will follow the outline and include topics listed but they will also where appropriate strive to meet each individual’s needs.

We may give participants a pre-course questionnaire to be completed and returned by email prior to the course. You are encouraged to include any course requirements and areas of focus for the course to help our trainers better understand their expectations.

Discounts, Pricing & Special Offers
We do from time to time make special offers on courses. Special offer prices are a one off discount which cannot be used in conjunction with any of the other discount schemes we offer. Please refer to our pricing guide as to typical pricing.
If you have already booked on a course at standard pricing and the course subsequently has a special offer made for other delegates who may attend, we are unable to retrospectively offer you the new special offer price.
All pricing listed on our website is final (VAT included).
All other discounts are fully explained on our discounts page, no two discount schemes can be used together, and you must choose the one most suitable to you at the point of purchase.

Privacy Notice
By accepting our booking terms and conditions when reserving a place or places on one of our courses, you grant us your permission to record your personal details and log your IP address. This information will not be made available to any party other than us, you and representatives of your company when appropriate.

The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre may provide course materials. We do however request that these are not duplicated or used for distribution to others.