The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre

The Old Post Office Art Centre is a great studio space for hire.

It is available for all; professionals, amateurs and beginners. Assistance is available if needed.

It is fully equipped with strobes heads with studio triggers and a wide variety of different modifiers and stands (see the list at bottom). Studio size: 6×6 mts

Also a “Light Blaster” (Strobe based projector) with many patterns and backgrounds.

The building (studio) itself it is the hall of a post office from 1937 and it is a listed building. It means we kept all the glamour and furniture.

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We are fully equipped for Still Life / Product / Commercial Photography

  • Still Life Product Display Shooting Table
  • Still Life Product Display Shooting Tent 70×70×70 cm – With extra black, blue and red backdrops
  • Continuous lighting total 3425W for video or products (3 stands and soft-boxes)

Backgrounds and Backdrops systems for models including a “Light Blaster”

  • Background paper 2.72 meters wide: Black, White and Chroma (green).
  • Vinyl background reversible white/black.
  • “Light Blaster” projector system with many backgrounds/slides available.
  • Non-woven fabric Chroma (green) background cloth. The background is 3m wide and 6m long.

For you camera:

  • Camera tripod Manfrotto 190
  • Camera tripod Slik 88M
  • Tripod Dolly

Extra backdrop stands for multiple applications:

  • 2 extra strong backdrops stands (Can be used for zenith/top/back flashes/lights or special backdrops or curtains)


  • 2 Godox SK 300 (300W Monolight With Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X system Bowens Mount Strobe Flash for Photography Lighting Portrait)
  • 1 Neewer F1-400 (400W strong power, 0.1-2.5s recycle time, 350 times full power output, GN60, 8 steps (1/128 to 1/1) power output)

Extra lights:

  • Neewer 14″ 400W Studio Fluorescent Flash Ring Light – with diffuser and correctors (Video or Photo)
  • LED Video Lighting Studio Mini Panel 200 – with diffuser and correctors (Video or Photo)

For your control:

  • Polaris Light/flash meter
  • Triggers, remote controls and more…

For your creativity:


  • Standard 15 cm dish

  • Standard 15 cm dish with honeycomb
  • Standard 15 cm dish with diffuser
  • Beauty dish 40 cm + honeycomb + diffuser
  • White / translucent umbrella
  • Silver umbrella
  • 110 cm Collapsible Reflector 5-In-1 ( silver, white, black, gold, translucent)
  • 1 softbox with honeycomb (20×90 cm)

Light Blaster (Strobe Based Projector)

  • The Light Blaster™ Is a strobe-based image projector. It brings you unlimited possibilities for creative freedom, letting you select and project still images onto any physical space. In an instant, the flash of your strobe can transform ordinary wall into textures, patterns, people, landscapes or even entire worlds using 35mm slides.



  • 1 male, 1 female

  • 1 female torso & 1 male torso (both blacks)
  • 1 old style torso (Vintage)
  • Tables
  • Stools
  • Chairs
  • Stands


Studio Hire Charges:

1 hour: £ 14.- (Minimum 2 hours)

4 hours: £ 48.- (£ 12 per hour)

8 hours: £ 90.- (£ 11.25 per hour)

Basic assistance included


Do you need tuitition using the studio?

We can help you! (and it si not expensive):

1 hour: £ 34.- (Minimum 2 hours and includes studio hire)

4 hours: £ 120.- (includes studio hire)


Plus 10% discount for Smile Camera Club Members.

The studio is available every day including Bank Holidays and Weekends. There is an extra charge of £ 10.- per day (Not Per hour) if you wish to use the studio Saturdays after 12.30hs, Sundays and Bank Holidays.




Please, read the Studio Hire Terms & Conditions

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50% non refundable will be required

Please, tell us which day and time you will want to use the studio and for how long. If it is possible ad some alternative dates.