Hello and thank you for visiting us. Sadly, as a result of COVID-19 we have had to take the decision to close the centre here in Blaenavon at the Old Post Office. However, we will still be offering our professional services in the area.
Please see the proper section for more information.


The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre is the home of a private collection of vintage cameras.
It is open to the public with Free Admission.
A Petite Vintage Camera Museum Gallery is a non-profit Museum Gallery open to the public with Free Admission (but donations are welcomed).

Visitors will discover a timeline of camera equipment dating from the 1800’s.




Free Counselling

We want to offer the best support we can through this Covid-19 virus we are all living through and for those of you whom feel particularly vulnerable because you are alone and have nobody around you then talking can really help you.

Inside Out Movement Sessions

We are  delighted to be able to offer a FREE weekly ‘Movement s for Healing’ class which will begin with becoming embodied and exploring the creativity and healthy energies from inside of us.

The classes will be delivered on-line by Karen Woodley who is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist with a huge experience of creative and healing movement.

Get your website now to communicate with customers or members.

Due to the current pandemic, and the government measures, a lot of small businesses and community groups are finding it difficult to stay in contact with their customers and members.

As we have been advised to not go out and stay at home, it has become necessary for businesses to be on-line now more than ever.

However, they are facing lack of cash/income to invest in a website and the costs of learning how to use it and keep it alive.

Our invitation is to work alongside you on this. It will allow you to follow the process and learn at the same time. At the end of it, you will have your website up and running and you will be ready to update and upgrade it on your own.

Free Spanish Conversation

Speaking a language is always much easier if you have opportunities to practise it in a variety of settings. Our conversational classes are designed to allow you to speak Spanish in a series of role-play situations based on everyday life.

We can talk about the news, learn games with Spanish cards, we can even cook together (Would you like to learn how to make delicious Spanish dishes?) and more, much more.

The Photo Corner Online Camera Club

We can still learn and share photography

The way we learn and improve our skills is through practice and feedback. When it comes to photography, getting constructive feedback can be very difficult.

In our on-line meeting room, you will be able to share your screen, chat, and or talk with other members.

In addition, we will be able to guide you from our screen how to use the apps and more.

All these activities are on-line, in our virtual meeting room. They are free (but donations are welcomed). Organized by The Art & Wellbeing for Health Foundation Community Group and supported by: The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre, Counselling Valleys, Studio Tango Creations & Sotelano photography.

More information and how to join us: https://artandwellbeingforhealth.org/

An historical building

It is a Grade II listing building.
The building dates from 1937 and it is similar in design to, although larger than the Post Office at Blackwood.
The exterior is roofed Queen Anne Revival building, on a rectangular plan with extensions to rear. Symmetrical 2 storey, 5 windows, main façade, with roughcast render, dressed stone quoins and marble plinth.

Professional Therapy Services for anxiety, stress, Improving healthy mind-body, loss, grief, low self-esteem, depression, emotional problems, relationship issues, developing coordination, body harmony, keeping moving and personal development.

A place for you to learn how to take stunningly creative photographs in your own signature style. 
One to one tuition or small groups / Studio Days; & Affordable Studio Hire & more…

Community Meeting & Conference room managed by The Art & Well-being for Health :
It is an ideal private venue that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of small businesses, community groups and charities needing a first class facility.